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Animal Series by raschen Animal Series by raschen
This is the first of my series called "Animal". Like our favorite austrailian croc hunter, I go into the back country to get as close as I can to some really "dangerous" animals so you will be able experience them in their natural habitat... Join me in "DA Shallow Deviants!"

This is in response to a deviant that has no business
here spreading his foul mouth. And it seems he has taken a liking to me!!


If anyone would like to paste into this deviation what this guy has said to you, in the foul mouthed manner that he has... I'll wait till we get a few and then send this to the admins for them to take a look at. It would probably make it easier on them that way. Or just pate your link to the offending text. Whatcha think?
Moot point now... but glad he's gone. nice job guys!!
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toxic-erotica Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2003   Writer
I love people that get their jollies by insulting others online. How truely pathetic and yet amusing all at the same time! It must be sad to be them though, think of how few dates people like that must honestly get, and what a sad sad existance it is to be 45 years old with a 9 year old vocabulary and the debating skills of an untrained monkey. :| (Blank Stare)

Almost makes you want to pity them until they open their mouths again.


Sintrinsic Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2004
"I love people that get their jollies by insulting others online. How truly pathetic and yet amusing all at the same time!" - Maybe I'm wrong, but are you not insulting this guy? Are we not online? I dunno. Maybe I read too far into your misplaced superiority...

That being said, I have no problems insulting people online *Shrug*. The deviation was hilarious. Congratz.
jeriweaver Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
Geez these idiots just keep popping up.
I've had a couple people bugging me and making stupid comments and you go see their gallery and they draw like a 3 year old.
They just do it to feel smarter and make themselves feel like they are better artists.
Whats with pixel butt and his "your inferior" and crud like that? issues?? holy crud!
burstnibbler Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002   Digital Artist
Ok that was well put and very eloquent. I like the juxtaposition between the intelligent dissection of this individuals post and the postings of this individual.

Where do these people come from??
bainy Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002
LMFAO! rofl

serpent Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002
archonon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002
heh =) (Smile)
kinzoku Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002
lol I'll watch out for him and I hope he gets off your back. If not you can criminilize him in fiction :-) (Smile)
stotty Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002
Laughing my ass off! Clap

Thats a very good way of putting it :D (Big Grin)

Sorry you are one of Mr Shallow-Minds targets for his wild rantings, but as fusionx says, if you do have a problem and you feel he is violating DA policy, then I am sure that either +euphoria or +brazensix would love to hear about him. I would think you have a clear picture of the people he is bugging already, maybe note these admins with the shallow words he leaves on yours and others pages. I tried being reasonable, thinking he just had a gripe with me, but it would seem he is like a viral infection, spreading quietly.

All the best if you do want to take this up with them. I am behind you.
cronoentreri Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002
haha rofl thats some funny shit and i could not agree more
fusionx Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2002
rofl ive run into this guy a couple of times, doesnt seem like the smartest of people, if you have problems with him./her just message an admin in regards to it
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December 3, 2002
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